Premier bowls

The #1 concern I get when someone is interested in a wooden bowl is how do I care for it. Unlike most food service bowl material options, wood takes some care in order for it to last generations. But... what if I could offer a bowl that is waterproof, requires zero maintenance, and lets the true natural beauty of wood shine through? You'd probably say it sounds too good to be true. 
It's not! These bowls are finished with a unique product from Japan that dried dead flat, bonds with the wood fibers basically becoming a dead flat finish that is for all purposes glass. It's extremely durable and completely waterproof. Simply wash out the bowl after use and it's ready to go for the next time (just don't use the dishwasher unless that's your pet name for your husband or wife ... just jokes people 😉)
With this line, I carefully remove just a little of the softer summer growth rings of wood on the outside of the bowl to further emphasize the amazing texture and grain patterns of the wood, providing a very unique look and feel in your hands. 


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