Banneton Bowls

After transporting logs home from our local sustainable forestry yard in Pennsylvania, I begin to envision the table that the Banneton Bowl will sit atop and the friends that will be passing it around as they share a meal. These custom wood bowls were inspired by my love of bread making and banneton bread-proofing baskets. While the wicker baskets help the bread to proof, creating beautiful boules, my Banneton Bowls create beautiful memories of gathering around the table with loved ones. Each handcrafted bowl takes on an organic shape, each unique in their design. After drying, they are sandblasted and the outside is ebonized, a natural coloring technique that combines vinegar and steel wool to produce iron oxide. When the iron oxide reacts with the natural tannins in the wood, it darkens the color, resulting in a beautiful contrast. Lastly, the inside is sanded, and the Benneton Bowl receives a food-safe oil and wax finish made in-house, providing the perfect bowl for entertaining.


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