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Nested sets

Much like the surprise last revealed within in a set of the classic Russian Matryoshka dolls, my Nested Bowl sets are made from a single piece of wood, each bowl in the set cut from the larger one. Great for the home chef who enjoys entertaining or for families, these fine crafted bowls are designed for everyday use. The bespoke sets begin at the sawmill, where I cut and section each log based on the size needed. The rounds cut then make their way to be shaped and the outside of each piece is defined. For the Nesting Bowls, I use a curved knife to create each bowl before smoothing the inside. Once sanded, each bowl receives a food-safe oil and wax finish that I make in-house and then they’re ready to become your go-to bowls for everything from snacks for a family movie night to serving the first course at a dinner party with friends.