About Us

Artistry and making runs through my veins. Whether it be painting and sculpture, creating great food, or building a giant pizza oven in our backyard, I’ve always been fascinated by the process of making.  I previously worked as an art director and commercial photographer. It was fulfilling, but I was always aching for something else, something more physical. I often reflected on a furniture making class I had enjoyed in art school and decided to start building furniture in my garage. I enjoyed learning a new medium and craft. After a few years making furniture, I wanted to try making a chair which led to the purchase of my first lathe, a few chairs later, my wife asked me if I could make a bowl. I didn’t know how, but I figured it would be another gratifying challenge. I set off for the woods and found a cut off stump, heaved it up and shoved it into the back of my jeep.  I brought it home, cut it up and mounted it to my lathe. This was the spark that set the dream in motion. I loved it from day one. The smell was incredible, and I was able to quickly make a shape I could see in my mind. After many years of searching, I had found my medium… green wood (wood that is unseasoned/still wet).  

This craft instantly tied together many loves for me… The art of making something beautiful, the art of cooking and the art of presenting and serving wonderful food for my family and friends. There is something special about sharing home cooked food from wooden vessels.  The grain, the heft, the natural beauty all makes the experience warm and inviting.   I believe it’s more important than ever to slow down, share a meal, and remember family, friends and food is something worth celebrating!   I believe in making unique pieces that are made to last. Made to be used and loved for generations. Made to share with family and friends. Made to make special moments in our lives a bit more special.   My family and I hope you will enjoy my work in your home as much as we enjoy it in our home.  
Scott Alexander