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Our motto

Less but better.

At Alexander Designs, we try to live by the motto less but better. We live in a world where we are "supposed" to purchase more and more; the latest phone, the newest car, the most fashionable clothing, etc... In our home, we make purchasing decisions based on what is quality made, what will stand the test of time, what will remain beautiful, and useful for many years to come. We would rather purchase once, than have to continually replace the same item over and over again.

When we started this business five years ago, We made ourselves a promise... We would never offer products that were disposable, generic, or the same as everyone elses. We offer high quality, well designed pieces that stand the test of time. We offer less but better.


The Alexander Family


Customer Testimonials

“The thing about Scott’s work is not that he is an exceptionally talented wood crafter which he clearly is, it’s that his work evokes a feeling. It’s not just a bowl or a platter. It’s a piece of functional, gorgeous art that was crafted with love and care”.  ~ Tali ~


“I started to follow Alexander Designs on Instagram a few months ago and was totally intrigued by the organic forms that Scott creates. The time and care that he takes in practicing his craft is mesmerizing. I feel privileged that my family get to use and care for the beautiful objects Scott makes”.  ~ Paul ~


I currently own five pieces of Scotts work, including a large bowl, platter, two small bowls and a hollow form. Scott has an immediate vision for each piece of raw wood/tree (watch his instagram videos) It comes from a love and passion for his art that turned into hours and hours of practice, resulting in these beautiful treasures to be used and valued for generations.  ~ Debbie ~


"My husband and I looked for years for a large low wood bowl and could never find one.  After finding Alexander on Instagram and seeing how much he loves his work we commissioned him to create a bowl for us.  Not only was he very gracious and knowledgeable about the types of wood we could use, we got to see the piece being created on instagram and saw images of the raw piece of wood our bowl would be hewn from.  We could not be happier with the bowl that he made for us and it stands now as a center piece in our home.  I highly recommend Scott Alexander for his craftsmanship and love of his trade.  It shows in all of his work."   ~Kelsey~


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