Unique wooden pieces made to last, to be used and loved for generations.

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Scott Alexander

Alexander Designs bowls are handmade by master craftsman Scott Alexander in his Pennsylvania studio. Each heirloom quality piece is a celebration of life and togetherness, made to be used and loved for generations.

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Scott Alexander 
Owner /Craftsman Alexander Designs

A bit about our world

Our Process

Healthy forestry only

Wood Sourcing

All of the stock we use (mainly Cherry and Soft maple) to make our work travels less than 30 miles to get to us from the large hardwood forests here in NW Pennsylvania. We have built many great connections with local foresters, landowners and logging companies which allows us to purchase/source only from people/businesses that practice healthy forestry. Some woods are rare for us to get, but we love working with them. For instance, white oak is sourced from local landowners that have a tree blow down in a storm- we love that we can make use of trees that would otherwise go to waste.

Our Process

Working with Green Wood

The great majority are made in a process known as twice turned bowls where you take green (unseasoned still wet wood) and turn a very thick bowl, then let it air dry for several months. Once it’s completely dried, that thick bowl is then turned a second time to make it completely round and uniform, then sanded into the finished product. We have a unique working process where we take green (unseasoned still wet wood) and turn it to its final thickness. From there we sand it, tuck it away to dry, then we add the final touches including oiling the bowls for immediate use in the home.

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