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Founder's Story

The Beauty is found in the Layers.

Have you ever noticed that every beautiful thing is created with layers? Each novel has its chapters. Each painting has layers of colors and brush strokes. Every tree has its rings. Every business…every person…has layers that tell a story. And the beauty is found within each of those layers.

The beauty of Alexander Designs comes with many layers. It began with art school at Columbus College of Art and Design. That layer led to positions as an art director for a large catalog company and then creating an in-house photo studio. While satisfying, it felt as though something was missing.
The next layer came about in 2014 when I was called to stay home to care for my wife and boys. While she recovered from surgery, I needed something to keep myself busy. I turned to craftwork and began building an outdoor pizza oven. It became an obsession and the spark that would lead to the creation of Alexander Designs.
It would also become the layer that ultimately saved my life.

In August of 2020, the company I worked for went bankrupt, and I found myself unemployed for the first time in 20 years. I also found myself struggling more and more with mental health issues.

I was at a breaking point. It was during this time I began to peel back the layers and discovered the pieces that were missing. I turned my love of woodworking into a full-time business with the creation of Alexander Design. During this same time, I was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar 2 Disorder and finally got the treatment I needed.

The layers had overlapped and created a thing of beauty. That was just the start of my journey. My desire to succeed at this business played a huge part in not giving up on myself. My newfound love for life and the love for this craft make me cherish each day.

And I cherish the ability to share this love with you through the layers of every piece I craft. I hope that each time you look at your specially designed piece, you too will see “the beauty in the layers.”

Scott Alexander
Owner/Craftsman Alexander Designs