Cassini Bowl Collection

After spending over 10 years studying the rings and moons around the sixth planet, Cassini was sent into Saturn’s upper atmosphere to burn up so not to damage the many mysterious rings and moons of Saturn. The luxury Cassini bowl pays tribute to this ambitious journey into space with a bowl that is simply a pleasure to hold. This contemporary craft bowl begins as green, unseasoned White Oak or Cherry and once turned is left to dry allowing nature to shape each bowl, resulting in a high design bowl with raised “rings,” much like those that surround Saturn. Once the Cassini bowl has been sandblasted, the outside is ebonized, a natural coloring (or painting) technique that combines vinegar and steel wool to produce iron oxide. When the iron oxide reacts with the natural tannins in the wood, it darkens the color, resulting in a beautiful contrast. Lastly, the inside is sanded, a food-safe oil and wax finish made in-house is applied. Cassini bowls add a fine craft touch to any table and is ideal for entertaining a large gathering of friends and family.  




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