You put what in your bowl?

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What's your first thought when you see a wooden bowl? I bet you answered salad bowl.


But did you know our bowls are made for much more? Pretty much any food is an option, meal prep, morning cereals, fresh fruit, eggs, stir fry, pasta, heck… they will even tolerate tofu or tofurkey if that’s your thing… The bowl won’t judge… much ;)


My personal favorite and the reason I must work out daily is ice cream (it’s my kryptonite)! Wood is a fantastic insulator; it keeps the cold from your hands and saves your warm hands from speeding up the melting of the devil’s food lol. An extra bonus… your kids won’t hear the clinking of spoons on a glass or ceramic bowl…. Secret eating… Pro-tip, keep your ice cream tucked inside an empty broccoli bag to keep it hidden from your kiddos.


But… all of that doesn’t compare to the truly special things a wooden bowl holds. They hold memories.

The memory of the tree it was crafted from.

The memory of the craftsman that sculpted it into existence.

The memory of that time your Aunt Millie (bless her heart) dropped the bowl during dinner and hit her poor husband on the head … I’m sure it was an accident.

That time your uncle Bob decided to discuss politics with your uncle Steve… that ended well.

That time your grandma finally shared her secret recipe with you so you could continue that tradition.


Those countless times you broke bread with your family, friends, and loved ones’ past, present, and future. With a bit of care, my bowls are made to last generations.

Ready to add a generational piece to your home that's been carefully crafted to hold your family's future memories? I’m here to help.



Scott Alexander

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