World's best popcorn bowl

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We are all guilty of this… You’ve had a long week, month, year… You need some time to disappear from the real world. You turn on your favorite streaming platform and binge watch all the things...  


After several hours you are feeling a bit anxious that you’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished, are still wearing your favorite sleepwear, you haven’t eaten a meal, you have been crossing your legs for the last two hours trying to avoid getting up from your warm cocoon you’ve made for yourself. You finally get up to take care of business, then head into the kitchen where you do that thing, we all do occasionally… investigate the fridge or cupboard looking for something you know isn’t there! LOL


So, you do what any “normal” person would do. You decide the best food for your binge day is a huge bowl of popcorn. You get out your favorite popcorn kernels (midnight blue hulless popcorn), your choice popcorn oil (coconut oil), your favorite pot to make the magic happen. Melt that butter (grass fed butter… I know… I’m a food snob LOL) while the popcorn is popping. Then you realize … your ex took your favorite bowl with them when they left. Leaving you to use that sad old plastic bowl you also happen to use when you are sick (gross I know… we’ve all been there… not judging ;) ).


Well… I may not be able to solve that issue at that moment, but… I can say with absolute positivity that one of my wood bowls makes the best popcorn bowl ever! My signature bowl shape that curves inward at the rim makes the absolute best shape to hold on to when watching that latest thriller that has you jumping off your couch. That combined with the natural warmth of a wooden bowl makes those much needed do nothing days that much better. And as you are sitting in the clothes you wore to sleep the previous night… the bowl will dress up even the most horrific fashion accident known to mankind!


That bowl will take care of you for a lifetime of Lifetime movies, a plethora of positive feel good film fests… long story short… it’ll be the last popcorn bowl you ever need!


 Ready for your forever bowl? I’m ready to help!



My favorite popcorn ... Blue or Purple hulls kernels, Grass fed butter mixed with fresh Rosemary, then a generous helping of freshly ground pink Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper. Simple and so damn good!




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