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I started my career as a professional photographer. The rule of thirds was always an important thing to keep in mind for designing/composing a great shot. It only feels fitting to use that to name this new collection. 1/3 of the outside is sanded to a fine polish, the remaining 2/3 is beaded and lightly textured and ebonized (like our Banneton collection). A stunning bowl design that not only looks fantastic but feels great in your hands. Great for food service or to be used as a design object in your home.



  • 15.25”x6”
  • Ebonized Cherry
  • This bowl was turned from a tree harvested at my parents’ property in Irvine Pennsylvania. It was about 62 years old and had to be taken down due to storm damage. Northwest Pennsylvania is known to grow some of the very best Cherry in the world as our climate and soil are perfect.
  • Salad for 8+, any large side dishes at your table, large fruit bowl, or a design object anywhere in your home.
  • Each bowl is finished with a food-safe oil and wax finish made in-house
  • The photographs are an accurate representation of what your bowl will look like. There are natural variations in each piece, and each bowl is uniquely it's own.


How to Care for Your Bowl: