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This best-selling bowl begins its journey to your table as green, wet, unseasoned timber that is dried naturally, allowing each bowl to take a unique shape. The Oblique Collection is functional art that is designed to be both a beautiful discussion piece and the perfect bowl for passing beloved family recipes around your table.


  • 13”x5.25”
  • White Ash
  • These bowls were sculpted from a tree that grew in Russel, Pennsylvania. It, like most ash trees, was dying from the Emerald ash borer beetle. I on honored to have been able to rescue it and make a few fine bowls from it.
  • Salad for 4-6, any side dishes at your table, fruit bowl, or a design object anywhere in your home.
  • Each bowl is finished with a food-safe oil and wax finish made in-house
  • The bowl in these photographs is the one you will receive


How to Care for Your Bowl: