More Than Just a Bowl

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A simple, everyday household item- the wooden bowl.

You might be tempted to utter the words “it’s just a bowl”, but we’d ask that you give the humble wooden bowl more credit. While you might look at a wooden bowl and consider it just another vessel, we look beyond the curves and grain to what it represents. 

Craftsmen Made

When we look at a wooden bowl from our collection here at Alexander Designs, we see the work that was put into creating it. We see the hours it takes for each piece to be handcrafted. We see the detail that was put into making sure the texture of the wood shines through. We also see the possibilities that each piece represents, and the wonder of how it will be loved. 

Supporting a Small Artist’s Dream 

Each piece is unique and has personality. This extends into the use of the bowl when someone purchases it. We don’t know if the bowl will be used as a statement piece in a home, a new salad bowl for family meals, or a gift for a loved one. What we do know is that every single purchase from our shops supports a small artist’s dream. This simple wooden bowl is what inspired a small artist to quit a corporate job in order to pursue their true calling: the ability to create. 

Telling a Story

Just like the act of us telling you the story behind our shop, a wooden bowl can help tell a story for future generations. Investing in a quality woodworking piece can ensure that the item will be around for a lifetime. Wood naturally tells a story on its own. Look at the wood grain. Each line tells a story of the tree’s history. After years of use, the wood will tell a new story- yours. Future generations will be able to feel the character and connection in the bowl. Each gouge, or mark will represent your story and will give your loved ones something tangible to remember you by. 

More Than “Just a Bowl”

It’s easy to see how passionate we are about wooden bowls. You’ll never hear us use the phrase “it’s just a bowl”. It’s more than that. 

It’s a statement. 

It’s a connection to the past. 

It’s a connection to nature. 

It’s an ability for one man to follow his dreams. 

It’s a piece of raw material that is worked on for hours to be more than just a wooden bowl. 

Don’t take our word for it- find out for yourself why it’s more than “just a bowl”. Head to our store to view all of the pieces we have to offer in our collection. 

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