Connection of Generational Gifts

Connection of Generational Gifts

As we get older we realize the importance of connecting our present with our past, or our roots. The journey through life takes us to places we never thought possible, but what keeps us grounded is our connection to the past and our loved ones. Most often these connections are more emotional or spiritual, they usually aren’t tangible. We can pass down stories, traditions, and love which is incredible, but you can’t hold them. 

You can’t touch a story told to you from the past. 

You can’t hold in your hands a feeling of love from your favorite person.

Passing Gifts From Generation to Generation

What you can hold are generational gifts. A generational gift is most often referred to as a family heirloom. This could be a wedding ring handed down through the lineage, or a cedar chest that your family has used to store cherished memories. Maybe even a rocking chair that every baby in the family has been rocked in. These family heirlooms are generational gifts that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The item itself isn’t necessarily important. What makes a generational gift special is the meaning behind it. We all know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. While someone might look at an item and think it’s not worth much, the owner knows the hands that have touched their prized possession and the memories it exudes. 

Gifts Designed to Last a Lifetime- or Longer

Generational gifts need to be made from sturdy materials, or be very well protected. We’ve all seen a recipe book passed down from years before that is so delicate to the touch for fear of damage. Having a generational gift that is made of fine craftsmanship will ensure the item can survive for all future generations. 

A hand carved wooden bowl or platter is a perfect example of a generational gift. There’s something special about the emotional connection that wood can store in its grain. Choosing a piece that comes from a small artist will not only ensure quality, but also connection. You won’t get the same feeling from a mass produced piece. 

The item needs to have history to pass down with it. Choosing a generational gift that comes from a small artist will start the story generations will tell for years to come. Imagine being able to tell your great, great grandchildren the exact forest or area that your family heirloom came from. It helps complete the connection in such a strong way.

Finding Your Next Generational Gift

Alexander Designs is a perfect place to find your next generational gift. You’ll find nothing but strong craftsmanship and pieces that are built for a lifetime of gifting. One day after we’ve gone, our families will be able to hold a piece of our history in their hands and feel the love that has survived the years. 

Take a look at our collection of handcrafted wooden bowls and platters to start choosing your own generational gift today. 

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