A Sustainable Investment

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Sustainability is an important factor to consider when making purchases these days. We all want to feel good about the items we’re buying, and the people we are supporting with our purchases. Every time we make a purchase we are choosing which values we embrace. This is the thought behind the rally to support small, or local businesses we’ve seen lately. Every dollar spent purchasing from a small business is much more valued and appreciated than those spent with large corporations.

Making the Choice When You Can 

We get it though- it’s not always possible to purchase from a small business. This is why it’s even more vital to choose small when you can. Changing your mindset from simply “purchasing” to “investing” is a great way to remember to shop small.

If you were shopping for wooden bowls and/or platters (which we hope you are) it might be tempting to run to a mega-mart down the road and pick up a few. This would accomplish the goal of making your purchase, but would you be investing in these items? 

Probably not.

Long Term Quality Over Instant Gratification 

Instead of spending a little less to have instant gratification, you could choose to invest in pieces handcrafted by a small artist. This investment would not only ensure that you bring home a quality piece that will last a lifetime, but it will also ensure that a craftsman is able to continue creating and following their passion. 

Along with supporting other people, choosing to purchase from small businesses also supports a healthier planet. Mass marketed items are often made with materials that are stripping our Earth of resources. The cheaper wood bowl that you pick up at the mega-mart is most likely made with wood from another country that is being exploited. 

American Made and Sourced Wood

The wooden bowls you find in our shop here at Alexander Designs are worked from wood sustainability harvested from the Allegheny National Forest of Pennsylvania. This forest was once overharvested, but after being recovered it is now able to be used in a sustainable way. Purchasing products made from American sources helps create local jobs, and support a more well-preserved environment. 

When you choose an item from our shop, you’re choosing to support a small business, a healthier ecosystem, and a lower carbon footprint. The best part is that you also get a beautiful piece that will be treasured by future generations, instead of being thrown away in a couple of years.

It’s truly a win-win for all involved!

Take a look at our collection of handcrafted, sustainable wooden bowls and platters that will serve you a lifetime. 

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